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Woodbine Stables

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Warwickshire
Customer: Woodbine Stables
Vehicle V700, 24.5 t/m crane

Woodbine Stables is a well established equestrian centre based in Warwickshire offering stabling, livery and lessons. Owner Sue decided to diversify and capitalise on the location of the stables for passing walkers, cyclists and riders with a country cafe. She sourced a unit and needed it transporting safely from its previous home on a farm to her stable yard.

This job called for the utmost care and attention with a well considered approach to everything in order to provide safe loading, carriage and unloading as well as to minimise movement of the load whilst in transit. The ‘hut’ is a rustic wheeled cabin with a 100 year old chassis and an aluminium frame.

After assessing the job we decided that the load could not be strapped, it had to be winched on and the wheels chocked. All the while the farm animals looked on happily, undisturbed by the work taking place as safely and quietly as possible.

Haulage contract in Warwickshire

The lorry and load proceeded with caution to minimise disturbance and Elliot skilfully handled the cattle grids and single track roads in addition to the crane operation. The route to the stable yard had been carefully planned to ensure it was the gentlest route at the slowest speed possible.

On arrival at the stable yard, next to several other farms, caution and gentle going continued to be the order of the day so as not to frighten the horses and keep the hut in good shape. The load was winched off and positioned successfully. Once Sue was happy that we were no longer required we left site.

Haulage contract for Woodbine Stables

It was an unusual load for a unique cafe. It nestles into the rolling Warwickshire countryside and looks like it has been situated there for decades already. We were very happy to provide specialist skills and equipment to make the hut a reality.

We have successfully completed many jobs that have been described by some as impossible. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and give you our advice. Contact us today!

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Terrific job. I was really worried about keeping the integrity of the hut in transit as I know how several of the country lanes are so bumpy. I was also concerned about the horses stabled here as well as the farm animals surrounding us. It was in safe hands with Porretta, it was handled smoothly from start to finish and they exceeded my highest expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Porretta for any similar work.​
Sue Ward, Woodbine Stables

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