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Terms And Conditions

We operate to:
  • RHA Conditions of Carriage 2024, RHA Conditions of Storage 2021 and/or RHA Special Conditions for Carriage of Abnormal Indivisible Loads 2013 apply (as applicable) to the exclusion of, and shall prevail over, any other terms and conditions that may at any time be proposed by the customer.
  • ALLMI – Industry Standard Terms & Conditions for a Lifting Operation using a Lorry Loader.
General Terms:
To avoid needless delays at the invoice stage, the following information MUST be given when booking the Service:
  • Purchase Order number (PO)
  • Name of person responsible for the order
  • Exact site details – location plus directions to site
  • Any collection and delivery time restrictions.
  • Any access restrictions.
  • Collection and delivery site contact details
  • Our rates include 1 hour collection and delivery time, unless otherwise agreed.

Cancellations are only accepted by phoning or e-mailing the office during normal office hours. We bear no responsibility for Cancellations via e-mail after normal business hours.

Charges for cancellations as follows:
  • Up to 6.00 pm two days prior to the job: No charge
  • Up to 1.00 pm on the evening prior to the job: 50% of the full day hire
  • After 1.00 pm on the evening prior to the job: 80% of the full day hire
  • After the truck has left the depot: Full day hire cost
Terms of Payment:
  • Account, unless otherwise agreed.
    Strictly 30 days net monthly account.
    For example work in January must be paid in full by end February
  • New Customers
    Credit card payment will be required by all new customers until we can establish a common trust.