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Loch Tay

Industry: Architecture / Glazing / Home Design
Location: Scotland
Customer: IQ Glass Group
Vehicle T700, 100 t/m crane and rear steer axle on trailer AT2

For nearly a decade S.Porretta & Sons has worked together with IQ Glass to satisfy customers on several jobs where the load is high value, requiring specialist handling from start to finish. Working with some of the worlds leading architects IQ Glass specialises in structural glass design and installation, supplying the most pioneering architectural glass technology including frameless structural glass assemblies such as frameless balustrades, frameless roof lights, structural glass roof and floors, curved glass, and glass extensions.

The first request for the work came in as an email asking for a crane to do 700kg at 35 metres. On discussion with the customer we found it would not be as first thought because the original idea was to use a site crane.

The site had changed with a new road being built giving a better set up area, within a safe operating range for the 100 t/m crane but too much for the 8 wheelers in the fleet. Site access was at a tight angle with a long, narrow road in. After checking the local maps as best we could and discussion with T700 driver Simon we decided that although it would be extremely tight it was doable with the 100 ton metre crane on T700 and the steering rear axle on trailer AT2.

Haulage contract in Scotland

The job required a stillage of high value glass so the trailer was needed in addition to the main body. This reconfirmed that a larger vehicle with trailer was required as the 8 wheelers would not have had the required reach and capacity.

On reaching the site we found that the access was extremely tight as we had expected. We negotiated the access and were successfully able to enter site and position the trailer for forklift unloading whilst continuing to optimally set up the crane to lift the glazing robot.

Haulage contract for large building project

We required 1700 kg at 24 metres for the robot on long chains. We boomed the crane out then slewed it anti-clockwise close to the ground. This avoided having to lift over the house, as although this was possible it would not have been the route with the most risk mitigation. We used the same method for the 400 kg glass stillage.

We waited on site whilst the glazing took place then using the reverse of the earlier method we removed the stillage and placed it for the forklift to load onto our trailer. This was followed by placing the robot in a position ready for the hire company to collect. Once our customer was happy that we were no longer required we hitched up to the trailer and left site.

Porretta Haulage in Scotland

The work was not straightforward and gave us a great sense of pride and achievement in conducting it successfully. We wish the home owners many years of happiness with their new glazing!

We have successfully completed many jobs that have been described by some as impossible. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and give you our advice. Contact us today!

Large Haulage contracts by Porretta Haulage
Haulage contract for large building project

We were required to replace a very large glass panel on the back of an existing building in a remote part of Scotland, with very limited access both in the getting to the building, and getting the glass around to the back of the property. Porrettas were very helpful in making sure that we booked the correct vehicle to enable us to safely transport the glass up to site from our Birmingham office. We needed a wagon which was small enough to get down the narrow and winding access road, but also that had a large enough hiab to enable the glass to be craned far enough to get over to the back of the house. The job was completed smoothly and professionally, and I would definitely recommend booking Porrettas for any similar job.​
Tony Finn, IQ Glass